Serengeti is an exciting US eyewear brand, originally created in Florida.  Since it's inception in 1985, Serengeti has achieved world-wide success.  

Serengeti is world-renowned for it's innovative eyewear technology and lens features including the pioneering Photochromic technology, meaning these types of lenses adapt to the light and will darken when exposed to bright sunglight.  Other innovations which have guaranteed Serengeti's success are:  Spectral control technology to help improve contrasts and colours, Anti blue-light technology and Polarized filters which absorb 100% of reflected light.

All these technical features have ensured that Serengeti produces the finest eyewear around and that their user's eyesight is properly protected.  Coupled with their stylish frames, Serengeti has become an unrivalled master of producing functional and fashionable eyewear.  

Serengeti's extensive range has also stretched to a Sports section as well as a luxurious collection for Women. Their eyewear is worn all over the world and has amassed a huge following.  

If you are looking for chic, stylish eyewear with the latest technology and unrivalled protection then Serengeti is the eyewear brand for you.  To find out more about our spectacular collection of Serengeti Eyewear then contact us today.