Tomato Glasses are a spectacular range of flexible, comfortable, practical and lightweight eyewear which have been designed with children in mind.  

The brand was found by Mr Sungjoon Kim in 2003 in South Korea after his own son needed glasses.  Kim was unable to find frames that were suitable for his son so decided to create a brand which specialised in glasses solely for children.  Tomato Glasses are designed with newborn babies up in mind as well as kids as old as 12 years.   

"We create very strong glasses and frames. We believe our high quality eyewear frame will make your child happy while wearing their glasses."

    - Mr. Sungjoon Kim, founder of Tomato Specs.


There are a number of features which have ensured that Tomato Glasses have become a leading manufacturer of children's eyewear.  These includes the shape and materials which they use in their designs.  TR90 transparent Nylon material is their go-to material and is durable and resilient enough to spring back into shape after being played with by children.

tots 1

The tips of each pair of glasses is easily adjustable and flexible enough to fit your child's head whilst the frames are renowned for being lightweight.  Another design feature is the nose pad which is made in such a way that it won't slide down when children are running or jumping around.  


All Tomato Glasses' products have CE marking, meaning they pass all the EU legislation laws with flying colours.  

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