Unique Natural Horn Eyewear

Elegantly understated luxury defines the natural horn collection from Hoffman Natural Eyewear.

Created in Germany using specialised crafts techniques, this collection unites three attributes which are essential for a luxury product – a high-quality, natural material; modern, clear-cut design; and perfect finishing.

The design of frames from Hoffmann Natural Eyewear has little in common with the concept of classic horn spectacles. Although created using traditional handcrafting techniques, it reflects both the shapes and colours of modern design. Whether delicate or striking, these natural horn frames are unique. The pleasantly warm surface of natural horn frames provides the owner with a sensual frame-wearing experience.

The horn is gained in harmony with nature and only the most attractive horn may become part of a Hoffmann Natural Eyewear frame. Around 40 individual steps are needed on the way from water buffalo horn to spectacle frame.

Working with this very individual material requires not only an experienced eye, but also highly-developed senses for forms, colours and structure. No two horns are identical, no colour or colour combination exactly alike, and so each frame which is created is an individual, one-off piece.