Founded in Austria in 1964, Silhouette has grown to be a world-renowned frame manufacturer.   

With a powerful combination of ergonomic engineering, technical expertise and a unique, visionary approach to design, these qualities have ensured that they have stayed at the forefront of the industry.

Silhouette is best known for their handcrafted, virtually weightless eyewear which features rimless, screwless and hingeless styles.  Employing the finest materials to construct these innovative creations, this technically advanced collection has revolutionised the eyewear market, amassing a global fanbase in the process.

Brand Promise

Design, that is Modern and Contemporary -  Bringing together exquisite design with the finest materials and individual needs into a harmonious whole, is the highest demand of the brand. 

Comfort, which makes Life Easier - Whether the high-tech polymer composition SPX or high-tech titanium, any Silhouette eyewear is lightweight and flexible so that you want to wear them forever.  Smooth touch against the skin.  Light as a feather.  Highly elastic.  Allergy-free. Dimensionally stable.

Quality and Innovation since 1964 - Silhouette is based on the expertise from 50 years production of glasses and is the undisputed leader in the manufacture of glasses made with high-tech materials. Silhouette eyewear is made from high-tech titanium and SPX, which are based on methods, which are based on methods specially developed by Silhouette engineers.

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