Giorgio Armani is synonymous with style, glamour and sophistication.  

The elegance that radiates through their Haute Couture collection is also present within their eyewear range.  Made from the finest materials, carefully crafted to suit the user's individual needs, Armani eyewear defines luxury and excellence.  

Not only do you get the luxury of a designer brand, you also get the comfort and practicality of a recognisable and reliable name.  Armani glasses are well-known for their no line bifocal purposes meaning the lenses are able to increase and shift magnification depending on where the eyes are viewing.  Crafted from high-end, innovative materials which are kind to human skin, all Armani eyewear including glasses and sunglasses are hypoallergenic.

At Barnard Levit we stock a spectacular collection of Armani eyewear which includes prescription glasses and sunglasses. To find out more about our Armani glasses or any of our other collections or services, contact us online here or directly by phone.