Browse our stunning collection of the latest styles from the coveted eyewear brand, Bevel.  This outstanding range boasts top quality eyewear for high performance with feminine, delicate styles for women and more bulkier, rugged styles for men.  

Bevel glasses are designed for those with active outdoor lifestyles.  The unique blend of functionality with fashion means you don't have to compromise on style.  The clean, minimalist designs are fresh, modern and sophisticated whilst also being practical for everyday wear and tear.  with many different technologies that protect wearers’ eyes and enhance visibility in certain situations.

Bevel has a strong adherence to technical innovation.  Coupled with their exciting designs, their attention to technical details has ensured that they have become a pioneering force in the eyewear industry.  Their use of the finest materials including titanium in a fresh blend of hues as well as acetates in a variety of truly rich, grainy details and colours such as the Blue Nile, Indigo Stripe, Burly Wood models boldly enhance and compliment the wearer’s complexion.

Every detail has been meticulously considered to ensure their eyewear of is the highest quality making this and the innovation of materials, wearability and colour the core values of Bevel.