MYKITA is a German eyewear manufacturer based in Berlin celebrated for their unique, handmade prescriptions frames and sunglasses.  

Founded by Moritz Krueger, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottschling in 2003, MYKITA has grown to be a leading eyewear manufacturer producing directional, functional and fashionable pieces.  With products sold in over 60 countries, this is evident of the rapid and paramount success of the company.   

MYKITA has carved a name for itself firmly as a luxury eyewear brand with inspiration being taking from the latest innovations in industrial design.   The unique blend of technical prowess, mechanical innovation with timeless elegance and refined beauty is what sets MYKITA apart from a number of other eyewear brands.  A visionary approach coupled with technical expertise makes for a contemporary, fresh and modern collection.  Their talented designers with vast knowledge and experience has ensured that their eyewear is full of exciting concepts and innovative designs resulting in a firm place in the designer and luxury eyewear sectors.  

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