Carter Bond specialises in natural, sustainable and eco-friendly eyewear.  Using a large variety of materials including natural bamboo, wood and wood-finish acetates, their exciting collection has bridged the gap in this enormous market and features some of the most innovative and excting glasses around.  

Founded in 1925 by the Sceats family in Sydney, Australia, Carter Bond has gone from strength to strength, becoming a leading brand in a competitive market.  The original founder, Filmer Scents had his own optometry practice which soon became renowned for his unique workmanship, skills and innovative techniques.  It was not until Jono Hennessy Sceats, Filmer's son, took over in the 1980s, that the business took a new direction, soon to become a pioneering fashion eyewear brand.  

Jono was enamoured with vintage eyewear and later launched Carter Bond in 2009.  What makes Carter Bond so niche is they are among just a handful of brands in the world to produce wood-finish acetate frames using natural looking materials that are adaptable, adjustable and hard-wearing, providing a stunning product to work with and wear.  

Carter Bond is constantly dedicated to providing the best comfort and fit, as well as timeless quality and style for each of their customers.  Still independently owned by the Sceats family, Carter Bond is an authentic brand with excellent products.  To find out more about Carter Bond or any of our other brands, products or services, contact Barnard Levit here today.