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Principal Optometrist and Partner

 Prof Doc (Optom) BSc (Hons) FCOptom (CL CVP)

After graduation from City University London in 1990, Dr Levit became one of only 20 professionals who achieved their Fellowship of the College of Optometrists (FCOptom), by examination, on contact lenses and children’s visual problems. From 1996 until 2006 Dr Levit was Principal Optometrist and contact lens specialist at Moorfields Eye Hospital (St.George’s Eye Department). During this time he was appointed as the contact lens specialist at Central Middlesex Hospital, a role he still fulfils. Dr Levit was awarded his doctorate in research investigating the use of specialist scleral and corneal lenses in the management of keratoconus and related irregular cornea disorders. Dr Levit provides optometric expert medico-legal services as well as consultancy services to contact lens manufacturers. 

Dr Levit is the inventor and developer of a unique contact lens design and fitting system for Keratoconus (ALK™ system) manufactured by Ultravision CLPL, a major UK based international Contact Lens Laboratory. These lenses are routinely used in the UK and abroad. The treatment of corneal ecstatic disorders like keratoconus, as well as other corneal pathologies and post refractive surgery complications form a significant part of Dr Levit’s contact lens work. In 2012. he was short listed for the national award of Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year 2012. 

AOP Nominee Best Contact Lenses Practitioner 2012

Nominee Best Contact Lenses Practitioner UK 2012

In addition to providing medical contact lens care Dr Levit is engaged in general contact lens work which includes the full spectrum of contact lens modalities; from simple soft to complex soft-rigid hybrid, semi-limbal and scleral lenses. Currently Dr Levit is the only UK practitioner who is a member of IVBV (the International Association for Binocular Vision) he utilises the MKH system of binocular vision correction routinely in his clinic. Dr Levit’s routine clinical work involves early diagnosis and co-management of the glaucomas, anterior segment conditions, refractive surgery, retinal pathology and cataract.

Dr Levit regularly attends conferences and courses for professional advancement as well as publishing in professional journals and lecturing in the UK and abroad.