At Barnard Levit, we stock a large variety of designer and luxury brands as well as sports, children and sunwear names. One of our most popular is Prada.

Celebrated for their beautiful designs and exquisite styling, Prada glasses have become exceedingly popular since they moved into eyewear.  Our Prada range includes prescription glasses and frames as well as a magnificent collection of sunglasses.  

Our collection is stylish, sophisticated, highly innovative and hugely popular.  A brand favoured by both genders, Prada’s trademark models are more than designer fashion eyewear accessories.  Prada glasses are modern, sleek and timeless. Our exciting collection of Prada eyewear features fashionable styles which are both practical and sophisticated to suit everyday life.  

Exquisite and outstanding craftsmanship is displayed throughout our Prada collection.  Emulating the luxury of fashion show themes, the frames are rich with details such as bi-layer acetates and hand embellished with Austrian crystals.

Prada’s designs are kept fresh through constant innovation and reinvention of classic styles.  With minimal branding these elegant frames are stylish, sophisticated and fashionable.

To find out more about these stunning fashion glasses as well as any of our other collections or services, contact Barnard Levit here today.