Mr H.L. Hirsch, London N16 

Thank you so much for the "DRIVING " glasses. They are great. What a pleasure to drive!

 Chris aged 30 from London

“I have been using blue tinted for the past 7 years over which time I have found them to be an absolute game changer in increasing my ability to focus on written text. The glasses dramatically reduce the glare I experience when reading which allows me to read and write effectively over long periods and the positive benefits are instantaneous. As a parent I would thoroughly recommend that parents whose children suffer from dyslexia look into whether this solution would be suitable for their children.”

Mr P, London 

Following a DNA test processed in California,I was alarmed to find that I was 2.5 times more likely to contract Age-related Macular Degeneration than the average male.It was suggested I have an Optical Coherence Tomography as well as a Macular Pigment Screening just to be on the safe side.Finding an Optometrist with the necessary equipment was a test in itself,but eventually I was recommended to Dr.Simon Barnard. When I attended his offices in Temple Fortune,I was delighted with the professional and engaging manner in which I was treated by members of staff.There followed some 80 minutes of extensive testing and the results were made available to me immediately,and were thankfully totally normal. Just to add icing to the cake,on my arrival home there was an e-mail from Dr.Barnard with a full summary of my results and suggestions for the future

Jake Wallis Simons, Daily Telegraph

Why Johnny Depp and I see the world through blue-tinted spectacles

Chrisie Budett, Hong Kong & Australia

My son has been under the care of Simon Barnard and his team since he was first diagnosed with myopia at the age of 7. We were recommended to Barnard Levit  by an optometrist in Hong Kong. Since then our annual trips to London from both Asia and Australia include a check up at Barnard Levit in order for them to remain our primary eye care provider. In addition to treating my son's myopia,  they managed to identify a previously undiagnosed accommodative disorder. The clinic immediately arranged a course of vision therapy sessions which improved the situation immensely. The level of service, care and patience provided by Barnard Levit is  outstanding . The distance and length of time in-between our annual check ups has not proven to be an issue as Simon has kindly always availed himself to respond to interim concerns. All members of staff at the clinic help patients to feel at ease. The wonderful reception staff treat patients in a friendly and efficient way.  The eye care professionals  enable children to feel  comfortable by the manner of care provided. Parents are afforded the same kindness and attention, with diagnosis and explanations expertly delivered.  Questions are clearly addressed, and the consultations are never rushed.  Examinations and treatments are of the highest standard and staff are keen to share the latest research and opinions.   The entire team are sincerely committed to offering the highest level of a caring and professional  service. Simon's patience and care for my son has given him the confidence that eye examinations at not too bad after all! I truly attribute the now stable condition of my son's myopia to the treatment we received at Barnard Levit and cannot thank them enough.  

Chris King, London

I have always been interested in how organisations work, so waiting to be seen by an optician at Barnard & Levit Optometrists has given me a chance to watch the ethos of the practice, especially the interaction between staff and clients. To say that the relationships are good, is an understatement, but what really shines out is the way in which all staff deal with children. The respect and concern that is given young people, and of course their parents, is outstanding. If I had children living at home I would most certainly bring them to Zamenhof House to be seen by true professionals at all levels, from the staff on reception to the partners themselves. 

Mrs C Moster, London

I am writing to express my appreciation for helping my son.  We brought my son Eli to you 3 months ago as he had some trouble reading small print (Rashi in the chumash) also his handwriting was unusually large.  You examined him and did a vision analysis; you recommended that he wear bifocals. He has worn these now for 3 months. You recently re-examined Eli, however we did not need to hear results from you.  Since wearing these glasses Eli has commented that something happened to the Gemara as it is so much easier to read.  Also his handwriting is now similar in size to children his age. Thank you

 Catherine Burke, Daily Mail

How coloured lenses helped me read again, read the article on the Daily Mail website.


Debs Harris, London 

Hiya! I just wanted to email you guys to say THANK YOU so much, I can see better than I've ever seen before - this is a total joy! The service I received and the thoroughness of the examination were second to none and I've already started recommending you guys! Once again, thank you so much for restoring my faith in opticians!       

José Carlos Garcia-Delgado, London 

Dear Menachem,
I just would like thank you for your patience, expertise and time as well as your excellent explanations. It is great, and a peacce of mind, to know that my eyes are backed by a very good professional .I am doing as you told me and hopefully it will not worsen. In any case, I know where to go to keep my eyes healthy. Thank you

Linda Levy Peck, Professor of History, The George Washington University. Washington DC, USA

On June, 2012 while on leave from my American university I went to see Dr Simon Barnard because I was having persistent problems with my new glasses which I had just had made in Washington, DC where I am a Professor of History.  Dr Barnard came highly recommended from close friends who are retired Professors at UCLA and my cousin in Golders Green. I knew that I had Dry Macular Degeneration but I thought that all I had was a problem with using the computer.  When Dr Barnard tested my left eye, I could see almost nothing - my sight was 20/120 which he could only slightly correct to 20/60. Moreover, my dry macular degeneration had turned to wet.  Dr. Barnard said that if I was on the NHS he would send me to the A and E.  Instead, after making several other tests, that showed that I had fluid under my retina and within my retina and a pigment epithelial detachment, he made an immediate appointment at 5pm with Mr. Riaz Asaria, the consultant ophthalmologist at St. John's and St. Elizabeth's, the Royal Free Hospital, and the Wellington.  Mr. Asaria, after reading Dr. Barnard's report and test results and performing further tests, began to treat me immediately with eye injections. My eyesight in my right eye is now 20/40 with correction.  I will have to continue to have monthly injections to maintain these gains.  I give heartfelt thanks to Dr. Barnard for helping a new patient with his thorough professionalism, his great knowledge, his kindness, and acting quickly to save my sight.

Mary Fernandez Morris, London

As soon as one walks into the bright welcoming reception area at Barnard Levit, one feels that people really care about you, from the very friendly receptionists to the consultants. My consultant, Menachem Salasnik, is a very special person. From the moment we sat down together I felt an enormous feeling of warmth - here was someone really interested in helping me. Every since falling victim to macula degeneration I had been unable to read anything, and yet, in just three sessions, but with constant e-mail contact, I am actually beginning to be able to read a book again for the first time in four years. Having spent many years teaching and training teachers, I think Menachem is one of the best teachers I have ever met. It is amazing how his gentle but structured methods can produce such amazing progress.

Mrs Vered Aaron, London 

Over dinner one evening I started seeing what looked like black ‘dust’ but it stopped so I wasn’t overly concerned. However, when it returned the next morning I knew I had to contact the practice quickly. Dr. Barnard saw me immediately and, with the use of the optomap scan, diagnosed I had a retinal flap tear in my eye. I was referred for emergency treatment at the Wellington Hospital and operated on the next day by Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Riaz Asaria, who was wonderful.  I’m very grateful to Dr. Barnard as I could have permanently lost the sight in one eye had he not been so thorough in his examinations and warned me previously about the risks of flap tears and detachments. The fact he uses state-of-the-art technology in the form of optomap scans to aid his diagnoses is extremely reassuring, as patients know that they are getting the very best in eye care and advice.

Mrs G. Goldblatt, London

Dr Barnard saw my son, who is an adult with Down's syndrome, and was excellent with him. He was very patient, understanding and in touch with his needs, fulfilling all our expectactions.