Glaucoma Awareness Week

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Professor Barnard took part in Glaucoma Awareness Week, giving a series of lectures at Hadassah College in Jerusalem, Israel. He aims to impress the importance of early detection in glaucoma, and that even someone who does not need glasses must have the health of their eyes checked regularly, because glaucoma has no effect on visual acuity until a very advanced stage.  

To read more, follow the link to an interview with Professor Barnard in Srugim News

IMG 5534 w645h390q80

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Jane Austen's Spectacles

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Jane austen

Professor Barnard had one of his most interesting patients to date – Jane Austen, author of Pride and Prejudice and Emma. Her writing desk was recently donated to the British Library, and found in one of the drawers were three pairs of spectacles. The conservation department got in touch with Professor Barnard to test the glasses and offer his expertise.

To read more and find out his diagnosis, follow the links below.


The British Library

The Daily Telegraph


The Smithsonian


jane austen 1 

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Top 3 Sunglasses For Summer

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sunglasses beach

Summer is well and truly in full swing and if you're soon to be hopping on a plane and heading to warmer climes, it's a good time to think about getting your hands on a new pair of sunglasses. We have a fantastic range of sunglasses to choose from here at Barnard Levit and regardless of the sort that you're after, we'll have a pair that will more than fit the bill. Check out our top 3 sunglasses for summer below:

1: Ray-Ban


Ray-Ban are widely recognised as one of the world's most stylish and luxurious sunglasses and they are the perfect choice for a trip abroad this summer. Ray-Ban are an American brand with a rich and iconic history and they have a whole host of styles and frames to choose from to suit every taste. 

2: Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

oliver peoples dbs polarized black sunglasses 007 580x876

Oliver Peoples are another well-known sunglasses brand and we have a great selection of their glasses at Barnard Levit. It's vitally important to protect your eyes from sunlight during summer and Oliver Peoples boast a fantastic selection of frames and styles to choose from.

 3: Tom Ford Sunglasses

tom ford
Tom Ford is a designer of some considerable repute and, needless to say, their sunglasses are amongst the most stylish and striking on the market and will make the perfect beach accessory for getaways this summer. Tom Ford boast a wide selection of frames and lenses to suit every requirement and it is little surprise that the brand enjoys such a big fan base because the quality of the sunglasses from Tom Ford really does speak for itself.

You can take a look at all our sunglasses brands HERE.

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Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) VS Laser Vision Correction (LVC)

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eye large
Although both methods aim to achieve correction of myopia (short sight) they are radically different. Laser Vision Correction (LVC) is a surgical procedure which creates permanent corneal tissue changes, with all the potential risks and complications, which may arise in a surgical procedure which is irreversible.

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) is a therapeutic, non surgical, reversible tissue manipulation, also known as Ortho- Keratology, which aims to achieve all the benefits of a completely successful LVC without the potential complications. CRT always allows the option to return to normal glasses and contact lenses or even to have LVC if desired.

The permanency of LVC and the reversibility of Ortho-K could be viewed as an advantage and a disadvantage depending on the personal aim of the patient. I think it is appropriate for each individual to consider these options according to their personal perspective. 

Ortho K has a very good safety record; it is a FDA approved procedure. Nevertheless it has to be practiced professionally and used responsibly with strict attention to personal and contact lens wear hygiene. 

A. Levit Bsc (Hons) FCOptom (CL CVP)

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3 Day Master Degree Glaucoma Module At Department of Optometry in Israel

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We are pleased to report that Dr Simon Barnard has continued his excellent work in the field of optometry by recently carrying out a three day Masters course in glaucoma at the Department of Optometry at Hadassah College, Jerusalem, Israel.

The prestigious event was attended by 20 leading Israeli optometrists and presided over by Dr Simon Barnard with the intention of enhancing awareness around the condition of glaucoma. Dr Barnard carried out various examinations to showcase the methods used to diagnose and tackle the condition and you can see him above demonstrating gonioscopy on one of the postgraduate students at the college.


We are dedicated to really advancing optometry and feel that delivering lectures of this nature allows us to spread our expertise far and wide to help benefit those experiencing eye health problems. Dr Simon Barnard is a leading name in the field of optometry and carrying out modules like this in Israel only serves to enhance our reputation here at Barnard Levit still further.


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Avoid Dry Eyes This Summer

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Summer has now arrived and whilst this is, of course, welcomed with open arms by most, it can spell a miserable time for many because the warm, dry months lead to dry-eye conditions that irritate and discomfort throughout the whole summer. The drier weather conditions during summer are often problematic for those who have pre-existing dry eye conditions because the prevailing weather types during summer can exacerbate the symptoms of dry eye conditions but there are certain things that can be done to lessen the likelihood of your dry eyes ruining your summer.

One of the main symptoms of dry eyes in the summer will be an itchy, gritty feel to the eye that can be particularly uncomfortable if you spend your summer days working in heavily air-conditioned offices. Dry eyes in summer are commonplace and are the result of your eye's inability to maintain a healthy level of tears to coat it and, as a result, an uncomfortable feeling in the eyes will typically occur.

There are plenty of simple things that you can do during the summer months to help lessen the extent to which your dry eyes disrupt your day to day and things like wearing wraparound sunglasses, using sunscreen on your eyes when you're outdoors for an extended period and drinking plenty of water to help keep you well hydrated are all things that you should be thinking about as the days turn warmer and more arid. 

You could prevent dry eye syndrome but you can treat it and we're pleased to offer a pioneering treatment for the condition here at Barnard Levit called LipiFlow which helps reduce and eliminate the various symptoms typically associated with having dry eyes. The short video below shows LipiFlow in action and explains the benefits it has it tackling Dry Eye Syndrome:

If you want to speak to us about a dry eye condition that you're experiencing, get in contact.

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Simon Barnard Awarded Fellowship of the European Academy of Optometry

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We're delighted to announce that our own Dr Simon Barnard was awarded Fellowship of the European Academy of Optometry at the EAOO annual conference held in Warsaw 16th-18th May 2014. Dr Barnard is now one of just twenty Fellows throughout Europe so you can understand our sense of pride at this accomplishment and recognition.

The EAOO are an organisation that aims to provide a much required voice to help promote and improve optometry and optics throughout Europe and the Fellows that make up the organisation are widely recognised as the best in the field and now Dr Simon Barnard is part of this fellowship.

Dr Barnard wasn't just at the annual conference to receive his fellowship award, he also presented a research lecture at the Warsaw conference in which he unveiled the results of research describing the new technology he has been instrumental in developing which will be available to ophthalmologists and optometrists as the Volk Eye Check.

Here at Barnard Levit, we pride ourselves on the quality of our practitioners and recognition like the award of fellowship from the EAOO for Dr Barnard is a reflection of the excellent work we do and is indicative of the pioneers we endeavour to be within our field.

See More: EAOO

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6 Tips for Dry Eye Sufferers

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Looking after your eyes is often easier said than done and they are, of course, a highly sensitive organ that require a good deal of attention to make sure they remain in good condition. 

There is one eye-related ailment that often goes unrecognised and unreported amongst patients because it isn't something about which a great deal is known amongst the general public and the condition is known as Evaporative Dry Eye.

When it comes to Evaporative Dry Eye problems, it's imperative that the correct treatment is administered because incorrect treatment will merely serve to exacerbate the problem and make the condition more painful.  There are, however, certain hints and tips which can be considered in order to help lessen the likelihood of experiencing Evaporative Dry Eye. Let's take a look at six of the best below:

1: Carry Out Warm Compress Once a Day

eyebagAn eye that has Evaporative Dryness may respond well to a daily warm compress that can help restore moisture to the eye. The MGD Eyebag above can be reheated in the microwave up to 200 times and stay warm for 10 minutes to provide relief from some of the symptoms of Evaporative Dry Eye. These eyebags are available in our offices.

2: Flax Seed Oil

flax seed oil

Though it may not be something you'd thought would help in your battle against dry eyes, flax seed oil can actually be one of your greatest allies in helping tackle Evaporative Dry Eye. Research indicates that a daily amount of 1g of flax seed oil taken orally on a daily basis can help eradicate some of the itchiness and dryness associated with the condition. 

Available at Holland & Barrett

3: Use Products Like Blethaclean to Clean Eyelid Margins


These sterile pads are ideally suited to help ensure good quality eye health and should be part of your daily eye hygiene routine. Blephaclean wipes will gently wipe away impurities, dirt and make up but won't irritate the eye in the same way as many other wipes will and are recommended for those who experience Evaporative Dry Eye symptoms. 

We offer Blephaclean wipes at Barnard Levit.

4: Use Ocular Lubricants


An ocular lubricant is another great tip for helping reduce or eradicate the symptoms associated with Evaporative Dry Eye and using a product like Emustil on a daily basis will help keep your eyes well lubricated and reduce the itchiness, dryness and discomfort which is evident with this condition.

5: Lipiflow Treatments


Lipiflow is a revolutionary treatment for Evaporative Dry Eye conditions and we're delighted to offer this to patients here at Barnard Levit. This involves warming and compressing the eyelids to help address the symptoms of the condition and improve them almost immediately. Lipiflow helps patient's eyes to generate fluids responsible for keeping eyes lubricated and free from the common complaints of dry eyes. 

You can get Lipiflow treatments at Barnard Levit.

6: Antibiotic Eye Ointments

Antibiotic ointment

If your Evaporative Dry Eye condition is particularly severe, you may wish to speak to your eye care practitioner about antibiotic eye ointment to help address and reduce the symptoms of dry eyes that you are experiencing.

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Dry Eye Survey

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To coincide with our new LipiFlow treatment service here at Barnard Levit, we have devised a survey for our patients in order to understand the severity of their dry eye conditions. Please see this survey below and take a few minutes to fill it in to provide us with an insight into the types of dry eye issues that our patients are experiencing. dry eyes

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