At Barnard Levit, we always look for the latest in design and innovation.  We believe in Tom Davies we have found the most comfortable and unique collection that is currently on offer.  

Tom Davies, a British Designer, is the only fully bespoke collection in the world, working in Acetate, Titanium and now the luxury of Natural Buffalo Horn.  Theses frames will be fitted to your measurements with over 90 colours to choose from and designed to your requirements with the added touch of having your name laser engraved on the inside the arm .

As more and more collections are taking inspirations from the past, Tom Davies is very happy to focus there as well, but not just in terms of design.  Tom goes there for the level of quality and service as these are the standards of a bygone era that Tom wants to evoke.  He knows that top quality opticians like Barnard Levit appreciate and stand for this as well.

Please come and experience the difference that a bespoke frame made exclusively for you by our staff will give you.  We know that you will never want to go back to wearing a frame 'off the shelf' again.  For more information about our bespoke dispensing services, contact us today.