The Humphrey Visual Analyser is one of the "gold standard" methods of assessing patients' visual fields.  The test allows different strategies to "screen", e.g., C40 or "analyse" in more depth, e.g., SITA 24-2. In addition, the Estermann visual field test for drivers is carried out on the Humphrey. 

Visual fields are an imporant part of the diagnostic protocol for a wide range of eye and neurological conditions. This test wilinvariably be carried out as part of private adult eye examinations or a combined NHS Sight Test with Extended   Examination in all but a few cases at Barnard & Levit. When a patient is attending for  a fully NHS Sight Test it wil be done if there are clinical indications to include it, Visual fields can be done on children as young as 5 years.

Humphrey Visual Field Analyser