Children's Sunglasses

More than just Cool: Sun Protection for Children's Eyes

Although Sunglasses have become a fashion accessory, they are also vital to maintaining optimum eye health when exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. However not just any sunglasses will do.  It is imperative that sunglasses have a minimum of 99% protection against the Sun.

Whilst sunglasses can be pretty cool, protecting your child's sensitive eyes is more important than the cool factor.  Most parents remember to put sunscreen and sunhats on their children but many do not realise that sunglasses are just as important as children's eyes are particularly sensitive.  

Children's eyes are particularly at risk from the sun's rays. They are clearer and let far more light through than adults' eyes.  That means UV rays can do much more damage, as kids have no defense against the short-wave rays from the sun.  The risk of permanent damage increases severely if they are exposed to the sun's rays for extended periods.  Decades of UV radiation can cause health problems such as cataracts in later life.  As a result, sunglasses are far more than just a cool accessory for children.

Like normal glasses and spectacle lenses in particular, the quality of sunglasses is particularly important.  Fun but cheap glasses generally do not provide the necessary required protection.  If the eyeglass lenses contain air bubbles or even streaks, they belong in the toy box, or better yet, in the trash. The same goes for sunglasses with yellow, blue or red lenses, as they distort a child's perception of color.

Come in and see us and one of our qualified dispensing opticians will advise you on the best sun protection for your child.  Contact us today for more information, advice or to book an appointment to see one of our specialists.