Private Eye Examinations

Most of our patients attend privately or use the Extended Eye Examination fee to be seen for a full Eye Examination. The appointment time allocated for  routine eye examinations is 30 minutes for children and about 60 minutes for adults. Longer appointment times may be allocated for Visual Assessments, Low Vision Assessments and Contact Lens appointments. 

NHS Sight Test

The NHS Sight Test is available for certain categories of patient including children up to the age of 16 years, older children under 19 who are in full time education, adults over the age of 60 years, diabetics and patients with glaucoma or who have an immediate family member with glaucoma. The appointment time allocated for an NHS Sight Test is 15 minutes and will not automatically include all tests that are  done routinely at a Private Eye Examination. If the optometrist decides it is clinically necessary to carry out certain tests such as eye pressure measurements or a visual field screening on a patient attending for an NHS Sight Test then this will be included in the Sight Test. However, the optometrist will refer the patient to their GP if additional and more extensive tests are indicated. For example, the NHS Sight Test would not include orthoptic investigation, retinal or anterior segment photography, treatment of eye infections and certain other investigations.

Patients who are eligible for an NHS Sight Test can elect,  when they book the appointment to upgrade the Sight Test to an Extended Eye Examination. A longer appointment time is then allocated and this will then usually routinely include  tests and procedures such as a Humphrey Visual Field investigation, and/or Optomap wide field laser scanning retinal imaging and further additional tests such as gonioscopy. A fee is charged for the Extended Eye Examination. 

The appointment time allocated for a Private or Extended Eye Examination is between 40 minutes to 80 minutes. Please allow plenty of time.