Throughout the UK there is a truly excellent Diabetic Screening scheme run by the NHS which aims to photograph the retinas of every diabetic in the land. This works very well and there are a number of schemes running locally to our practice including the Barnet Diabetic Screening Scheme. We encourage all of our diabetic patients to attend the scheme to which they have been allocated as this helps integrate them into the NHS system and provides the benefit of formal clinical audit.

A significant proportion of patients of Barnard Levit Optometrists are diabetic and when they attend the practice for an eye examination we will generally carry out a full eye examination which will include wide field retinal imaging with Optos Daytona and indirect ophthalmoscopy often with the patient's pupils dilated with eye drops.If macula oedema is suspected, ocular coherence tomography will be advised to confirm diagnosis. This is a 'case finding' eye examination rather than a dedicated diabetes screening which the patient may receive under the local screening scheme. Following the examination of a diabetic patient a routine report will be sent to the patient's GP.

Further information on Diabetic Eye Disease can be found under Eye Conditions on the Barnard Levit Optometrists website.