We are able to offer a huge variety of colours and range of tints to suit your specific desire. Both solid and graduated tints are available in a huge assortment of colours and depths of tint.

Whether for fashion and cosmetic reasons or for a particular sport/hobby or task requirement, we can advise you on what tint will provide you with the ultimate enhancement and protection for your needs.

We also stock a huge range of samples for you to look at and try out in the practice before placing your order.

Polarised Lenses

Customized for the ophthalmic industry, the polarisation filter helps eliminate unwanted reflections that create unwanted and disturbing glare.. Combined with an 85% tint intensity, UV400 filter and Anti Reflection coating, the polarisation filter provides you with the most pleasant visual experience.

They are ideal for all spectacle wearers and those wishing to benefit from greater comfort and safety outdoors.

They provide:

- Improved contrast- particularly useful for water sports (such as sailing and fishing) and winter sports (skiing, snowboarding etc) when the eyes are under constant stress from the sunlight reflected by flat surfaces (water/snow/ice etc)

- Glare reduction – in particular polarised lenses offer increased safety for driving as they eliminate the glare produced by reflections on wet road surfaces, dashboards and other cars

- Enhanced Colour Pereception – colours appear more vibrant.

- Greater visual comfort- reduced glare, enhanced colour perception and the ultimate protection from harmful UV rays ensure that polarised lenses provide the ultimate comfort for your eyes. Once you have tried these lenses you won’t want anything else!

- 100% UVA/UVB protection – for light sensitive eyes particularly for older people and those who may have had ocular surgery such as cataract or refractive surgery) who need the ultimate protection .

Conventional Lens Nikon Polashade 

Transition/Photochromic Lenses

While going about the demands of our busy life, everyone can enjoy the benefits of automatic glare and UV protection on the go with the advanced adaptive technology of Transitions.

Launced this year: The new generaion Transition VII with the latest and most advanced photochromic technology.

Available in both brown and grey they provide the ideal combination of darkenss, faster fade back speed and indoor clarity.

Learn more Nikon- http://nikonlenswear.co.uk/products/treatments/transitions-vi

Zeiss- http://vision.zeiss.com/better-vision/en_de/better-vision-with-zeiss/your-individualized-zeiss-lens/fast-dark-fast-clear-self-tinting-lenses-by-zeiss.html