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Summer has now arrived and whilst this is, of course, welcomed with open arms by most, it can spell a miserable time for many because the warm, dry months lead to dry-eye conditions that irritate and discomfort throughout the whole summer. The drier weather conditions during summer are often problematic for those who have pre-existing dry eye conditions because the prevailing weather types during summer can exacerbate the symptoms of dry eye conditions but there are certain things that can be done to lessen the likelihood of your dry eyes ruining your summer.

One of the main symptoms of dry eyes in the summer will be an itchy, gritty feel to the eye that can be particularly uncomfortable if you spend your summer days working in heavily air-conditioned offices. Dry eyes in summer are commonplace and are the result of your eye's inability to maintain a healthy level of tears to coat it and, as a result, an uncomfortable feeling in the eyes will typically occur.

There are plenty of simple things that you can do during the summer months to help lessen the extent to which your dry eyes disrupt your day to day and things like wearing wraparound sunglasses, using sunscreen on your eyes when you're outdoors for an extended period and drinking plenty of water to help keep you well hydrated are all things that you should be thinking about as the days turn warmer and more arid. 

You could prevent dry eye syndrome but you can treat it and we're pleased to offer a pioneering treatment for the condition here at Barnard Levit called LipiFlow which helps reduce and eliminate the various symptoms typically associated with having dry eyes. The short video below shows LipiFlow in action and explains the benefits it has it tackling Dry Eye Syndrome:

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