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We are pleased to report that Dr Simon Barnard has continued his excellent work in the field of optometry by recently carrying out a three day Masters course in glaucoma at the Department of Optometry at Hadassah College, Jerusalem, Israel.

The prestigious event was attended by 20 leading Israeli optometrists and presided over by Dr Simon Barnard with the intention of enhancing awareness around the condition of glaucoma. Dr Barnard carried out various examinations to showcase the methods used to diagnose and tackle the condition and you can see him above demonstrating gonioscopy on one of the postgraduate students at the college.


We are dedicated to really advancing optometry and feel that delivering lectures of this nature allows us to spread our expertise far and wide to help benefit those experiencing eye health problems. Dr Simon Barnard is a leading name in the field of optometry and carrying out modules like this in Israel only serves to enhance our reputation here at Barnard Levit still further.